Introducing tags, excluded subjects and better integration

Powerful school scheduling software

Dear timetablers,
The major improvements in this release are listed below:

Manage timetables efficiently

Timetables can be filtered by modified date, tags and published/deleted status. By default, when you click the open icon, only recently modified timetables are displayed. If you have deleted timetables by mistake, you have 30 days left to undelete them.

Stay organized using tags

Filter activities and resources by previously assigned tags. That way, you can create an English teachers meeting or copy constraints to 5th graders without having to select them one by one.

Exclude from generator and statistics

Non-teaching activities like teacher meeting, preparation, duty and lunch shouldn't affect teacher/class load. Use the new options to exclude subjects from the generator/notifications and/or statistics.

Integration with other school software

While importing data you can import custom ids for all resources from SIS/MIS software and these ids will also be used when exporting timetable into a CSV file. Moreover, you can import/merge any property for a resource, which enables quick update of specific constraints for more resources at once.

Resize periods based on duration

By default, all periods appear to have the same size in the view regardless of their actual duration. Check 'Resize periods based on duration' in the options for a more realistic timetable look both in the master and individual views and when printing/publishing a timetable.

Other improvements

  • Filter activities/statistics by tags and export all individual statistics at once, include the 'Students' column if needed
  • Selecting classes/groups is similar to selecting any other resources, additionally, you can filter resources by tags, make a selection and reorder it using keyboard, also both lists can be enlarged by resizing the selector window
  • Import clips along with activities and import any column order
  • Unscheduled cards are grouped by subject and sorted descending by length
  • Add 'Notes' for all resources
  • Copy subject difficulty to others
  • Accordion-like expanders are added throughout the app to simplify forms
  • Dates are displayed with respect to your browser's settings
  • Latest bug fixes

Manage students and views, customizable styles and exports

Dear timetablers,
Thanks to your generous feedback there are 400 ideas implemented in online user voice. The major improvements in this release are listed below.

Manage students

Each student has a name, short name and unique groups it belongs to. By adding activities for groups, students belonging to these groups will be assigned to these activities as well. The view can be filtered by a specific student so each student has their own timetable. For instance, here is a timetable for a student named Donna Gordon.

Create your own view

Now you can display only some resources, e.g. 5th graders or English teachers and optionally exclude days and periods. Created views can be used for publishing, exporting, customizing and printing. Watch video on how to manage views.

Match your school's branding

Take a look at United States International and United States examples which are already customized with the most common changes: custom school logo, font/size, colors and styles.

Export to PowerSchool, iSAMS and more

Choose desired format, customize columns and export timetable to a file which can be imported to other software, such as SIS and MIS.

Other improvements

  • User guide is completely revised to include 150+ helpful How-to's
  • Set any text you want to be displayed inside the cards
  • Instead of default periods you can show custom periods in the specific individual views
  • Days and periods can be imported or merged
  • Import activities using short names (codes)
  • Optionally show marks on the published web page
  • Freeze the first column when using horizontal zoom
  • Help in the menu shows the embedded User guide and introductory videos
  • Choose 'Help > About' to view release notes and check whether the app is up-to-date. Here, you can also suggest an idea for improvement or report an issue.

New Prime Timetable helps you create perfect schedule

Experience state-of-the-art scheduling software, with a blazing fast automatic generator, real-time notifications and extra views, revamped design, efficient managing of lessons/cards, teacher substitute, 10 skins to choose from, share to social networks, export to Excel/Sheets, plus more. A brand new Prime Timetable is a perfect match for schedule challenges, making you more more productive on any device you choose.

Add personal touch to your schedules

Head into Owl > Options and choose your favorite blue, green, red, violet, orange, pink, cyan, brown, gray or dark skin. Additionally, you can choose any color you want for the card background.

Manage lessons efficiently

Adding lessons to classes on the same grade level or same subject teachers can be cumbersome. Instead you can add lessons for only one class and then copy/edit cards for other related classes or leave the desired room empty and assign teachers to their homeroom later to speed up the process.

Easily substitute teachers

Select any number of cards and edit all of them at once to substitute teachers or any other resources.

Share to Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Easily share master or individual schedule to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by choosing Share > Social Networks. Additionally, choose Share > Embed Timetable to generate necessary Html code to insert the schedule into your school's website or blog.

Export to Excel/Sheets

Once the schedule is finished choose Save as > Html Spreadsheet(s) to export master or individual schedule(s) as a table to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets in case you need additional tweaks for your schedule.

Tons of improvements based on your generous feedback

  • A new set of outline icons looking great on modern devices plus simplified owl
  • Read and search user guide without leaving the app
  • Importing lessons via Excel/Sheets is improved
  • Copy selected cards to another resource
  • Thanks to better text wrapping cards display more content on phones
  • New option for sharing currently opened individual view
  • Redesigned horizontal and vertical zoom
  • Specific optimizations for various devices: iPad, iPhone, Android

Add your ideas to online user voice or give us a feedback by sending email. We wish you happy scheduling!