Browsing timetables using back and forward

Prime Timetable is an online school timetable service that works in your browser of choice. It is quite common that you will want to use the browser's back and forward button to browse through previously opened timetables. This has been possible since the beginning, but we have made some improvements that we would like to share with you:

  • Clicking back or forward button will not refresh the web page, meaning previous or next timetable will be opened and its cards will immediately fly into existing timetable view.
  • If current view is single entity view, then default timetable view (specified in options) will show up instead.
  • You can click on back or forward button while timetable setup window is open and all grids and view will be refreshed as well. The browser's URL will be changed and you can copy/paste timetable link.
  • Browsing through previously opened timetables is a lot faster now, almost instant, because we are caching opened timetables on your computer. However, in the background we will check if some other user has made changes in the meantime and load them.

These are all small improvements, but we think that it will make browsing timetables a lot faster and better. Happy timetable browsing!

4/20/2011  browser, tips & tricks