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  1. Free trial can be extended per request.
  2. Right to Data Portability is one of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) rights. Archive contains all data: school info, timetables, users and communication with support team.
  3. GDPR Right to Erasure or Right to be Forgotten have user with the Owner role. The whole account including timetables, users and all related school data will be deleted in the next two weeks.
  4. Timetable can be opened from previously saved file on the disc. The app will automatically convert older timetable formats and import other recognized file formats.
  5. We are doing daily backups. Even if you delete timetable by mistake we can restore it for you.
  6. For instance, create separate timetable for lower and upper schools and then merge to find any conflicts for shared teachers and rooms, or create separate timetable for morning and afternoon shifts and then merge to create all-in-one timetable.
  7. The whole timetable can be imported in a single copy/paste action by following the example in the "Activities" sheet and video tutorial How to import data.
  8. Custom periods let you create flexible schedules where card length and position or displayed period in the individual view depends on specific resource/day. Watch video on how to use custom periods.
  9. Activity can have any number of teachers, classes/groups and rooms so you can add lunch, recess, teacher meeting, PE using Gym and Sports Hall etc.
  10. If desired room is unavailable, the generator will try to allocate the activity in alternative rooms.
  11. Use History panel to jump to any recent state of the timetable created during the current working session.
  12. Total number of classes, activities and hours is displayed above the activities grid. You can filter activities by specific class and student/group and see their total activities count and total hours.
  13. Teacher statistics shows total number of teachers, activities and hours. Statistics can be filtered by specific teacher and subject in case they teach two or more subjects.
  14. Room statistics shows total number of rooms, activities and hours and can be filtered by specific room.
  15. Based on selected filters you can export statistics for classes, teachers, rooms or subjects, as well as individual class, student/group, teacher, room or subject statistics.
  16. You can switch between class, teacher, room and subject master views.
  17. Click the first column (resource name) in the master view to switch to related individual view.
  18. Individual class view can be filtered by student or group(s).
  19. Extra views can help avoid conflicts, as they provide additional master and individual views all in one screen. Watch video on how to use extra views.
  20. Create your own views to schedule, publish, export or print specific resources, days and periods, e.g. 5th graders or English teachers.
  21. Use vertical zoom in/out to increase or decrease row height. Master and individual views each have their own zoom values.
  22. Horizontal zoom is useful when there are lots of days and periods or to focus on specific day(s). Zooming in and out can also be done using the browser zoom.
  23. The shadow of the dragged card appears in all opened (extra) views, so you can see whether the desired position hasn't already been scheduled in another view.
  24. There are many ways to select multiple cards in order to perform bulk actions on more than one card, e.g. multiple drag and drop, edit cards, clip, copy, pin/unpin, merge/split etc. using the context menu.
  25. Cards can be copied from one resource to another or copied from one day/period to another.
  26. Edit more cards at once to substitute a teacher, assign homeroom, add teacher assistant or similar.
  27. Use sponge to clear cards and place them outside the timetable, along with other unscheduled cards.
  28. Merge allows combining two or more cards into one, thus avoiding conflicts. Watch video on how to merge cards.
  29. Split is the opposite of merge as it creates more cards out of the one when there is more than one group or teacher.
  30. The text inside the cards can be any combination of class, teacher, room or subject names, their short names or even custom text. Watch video on how to customize cards.
  31. You can set custom text for selected card(s) that will be displayed in individual views and custom short text that will be displayed in master views.
  32. Marker draws or erases forbidden, unwanted or mandatory card positions for classes, teachers, rooms and subjects. Watch video on how to draw forbidden positions.
  33. The pin is useful when you are satisfied with the position of card(s) and want to make sure that those cards won't be moved while improving the timetable. Watch video on how to pin cards.
  34. Clipping can be useful for electives, e.g. when one class group has French and the other German language. Watch video on how to clip cards.
  35. Automatic generator is crafted for 30+ years to solve the most challenging constraints. The generator can save a weeks of hard mind bending work. It will resolve conflicts, forbidden positions, distribute subjects evenly across the week/class, optimize student/teacher load, gaps and building moves, optimize room usage and many more. The generator will find optimal solution even in "mission impossible" cases. Watch video on how to automatically generate a school timetable or read more in the user guide.
  36. The generator is supposed to solve about thirty highly complex requirements. Since these are commonly conflicted and it is usually impossible to solve them all, priority levels have been introduced, which the generator manages in the following way: lower priority requirements will not be solved as long as there are unsolved higher priority requirements.
  37. Total generation progress is displayed in the window title as well as progress for specific categories: card conflicts, forbidden positions, class gaps, same day subjects, unwanted or mandatory positions, class and teacher warnings. Also, cards and notifications are updated as generator is making progress.
  38. At any time you can start, pause, continue or stop improving.
  39. The generator will find the optimal solution even in "mission impossible" cases.
  40. Timetable can be generated from scratch leaving only pinned cards.
  41. Notification number in the bell icon shows the total number of errors or warnings and is instantly updated along with all notifications upon any change. Watch video on how to validate a timetable.
  42. When red (error) or blue (warning) notifications are clicked, related cells will blink in the view, making it easy to spot the problem.
  43. There are many ways to resolve errors/warnings: conflicts can be resolved by merging or pinning cards, gaps can be marked as forbidden, resources can be excluded from notifications, etc.
  44. At any time you can save timetable to your disc as an JSON file which can be opened later or consumed by third party apps. Read more about our timetable format.
  45. Master or individual timetables can be exported to Excel/Sheets or similar spreadsheet app for further customization.
  46. Share account with others and add new users with Owner, Creator or Viewer roles assigned.
  47. Timetablers can collaborate on the same timetable and at the same time. All saved changes will be seamlessly synced and merged across any device you or your colleagues might be using.
  48. Make your timetable accessible online via generated link, e.g. put the link on your school's website, share it on your school's Facebook page, or send the link to other colleagues in the email.
  49. You can add school logo, set custom font family and size, change colors to exactly match your school website colors, etc.
  50. Published timetable will be automatically refreshed within minutes to make sure the latest changes have been delivered to all.
  51. Timetable can be embedded in the school's website or blog.
  52. The master timetable will be stretched to fit paper width. If the timetable doesn't fit paper height it will be automatically split into several pages.
  53. Print all individual timetables for classes, teachers, rooms or subjects at once.
  54. Print all student timetables at once.
  55. Print view(s) that include only some resources, days and periods.
  56. Personalize timetables with 10+ skins available.
  57. Set save reminder interval, number of remembered history states, whether to rotate conflicted cards or show notification number and similar.
  58. Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts.
  59. The app supports modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Brave and similar.
  60. Visit GDPR page to find out more.
  61. Cloud data centres are located in the US and hosting provider is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Read more about our standard security protocols.
  62. The app consumes RESTful API and any software can access published timetables and parse the data. For instance, here is a direct link for one of our examples in JSON format.
  63. The app works in offline mode for purchased customers only.
  64. Demo mode enables testing features without creating an account.
  65. Read release notes on our blog.
  66. More than 400 ideas are implemented based on feedback in online user voice.
  67. Choose 'Help > Contact us' to contact support team.
  68. Support team will assist you with your specific requirements.
  69. In order to get up to speed watch 10+ video tutorials.
  70. There are 30+ automatically generated examples to explore.
  71. User guide is embeded in app. You can search for any topic you are interested in, e.g. "part-time teacher", "lunch", "clip" or similar.
  72. The question mark icon in the top right corner of every window shows related user guide section.
  73. The owl hoots helpful tips & tricks along the way.
  74. Read blog posts on timetabling tips & tricks and how to solve common scheduling problems.